WhiteCrate Container Architecture


We're a passionate bunch of designers, makers, doers and thinkers constantly exploring the 'art of possible' through the medium of container architecture.


Founded in 2007 our original focus was the design & production of creative temporary and event structures. This set a path and quest to find ever more creative and innovative solutions for our clients.  This search naturally led us to explore the shipping container as a robust, cost effective and endlessly modifiable donor structure. Over 50 custom commissions later we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience into the constraints of the material, constantly pushing its boundaries. We understand that it has a specific context in which it can and should be applied and it is this expertise that sets us apart. Simply, the shipping container is a vehicle to invent new architecture.

Meet The Team

Our mix of skillsets creates a diversity that is unique to the industry. A cross disciplinary culture allows us to tackle any project with ease and constantly creates unexpected and positive results.


JON FLOWERDEW – Managing Partner

ROB CAVE – Managing  Partner

LUKE ROBERTSON – Head of Design & Creative

ALLAN CONNOR – Production Manager

ALEX REDHEAD – Project Coordination

CAROLYN FLOWERDEW – Business Management

PAUL CROOK – Non Executive Director

EMMA TUTILL – Production Administration

PAUL VAUGHAN – Associate  Architecture

RYAN HORN – Consultant


ANGELA SAMATA – PR & Marketing

JOE DUGGAN – Production (Engineering)

LIAM SHEILS – Production

PAUL YARWOOD – Production

DAN DONNELLY – Production

PETE RILEY – Production


WhiteCrate Container Architecture



Second life structures allow us to create new cultures and methodologies of re-use. We live in a time of increasing resource scarcity. The sourcing of materials must be ethical and responsible. Designs must seek a cradle to cradle approach.



Our Clients

We’re fortunate to have worked with some amazing people on our journey.